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Clinical design

To deliver high quality outcomes in supporting the transformation of rehabilitation and surgical services and in keeping with the Connecting with Health plan, Metro North Hospital and Health Service is engaging in a comprehensive facility design process.

Functional elements of this health facility – from patient admissions to surgical and rehabilitation spaces to discharge – are being worked through by more than 60 user and reference groups as part of a 12-month interactive clinical design process.

The design process includes the ongoing engagement of approximately 200 clinical and non-clinical users as well as the engagement of consumers (patients, families of patients, and visitors) to give feedback about elements of the design of the centre and models of health service delivery.

The first phase of the clinical design process is now complete and involved testing the layout of floor plans, patient flows and identifying improved solutions together. The second phase got underway in June and will build on the outcomes of the first phase by bringing the floor plans to life as the detail design is developed for each room and space within the building. The third and final stage is near completion.

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