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Cancer Care Services: Information hub

What was the problem?

A Cancer Care Services forum identified the need for standardising patient information across the Metro North Cancer Care Services to enable consistency of information, relevant, reliable sources of information, improvement in health literacy for patients using a variety of media that would appeal.

How did you solve the problem or take advantage of an opportunity?

LINK funding in December 2015 was used to create a centralised web portal using patient stories to deliver powerful messages to empower patients to take control of their cancer journey. Consumers were also involved in the user testing process which informed ease of use of the site, naming of the site as the “Cancer Information Hub” (previously referred to as “The Patient Portal”).

The aim was to create a gateway for cancer patients, their families and carers in the Metro North region to access relevant, cancer type specific, Metro North facility/ service specific information and links to support networks to assist them during their journey.

Who was involved?

Four key principals guided the design and development of the portal:

  1. Information and resources that are locally relevant and easily accessible to consumers
  2. Content is based on empathy and understanding of the patient experience
  3. All information is evidence based
  4. The portal design is both scalable and can be easily updated by Metro North and partner organisations

Metro North Cancer Care Services conducted a Consumer Forum involving 50 patients, carers and staff facilitated by QUT Creative Industries. 8 patients from 5 hospitals and North Lakes Cancer Care Services agreed to share their patient journey through a panel discussion.

What was the outcome?

Overall 52 pages were built plus 70 supporting elements (reusable video components, reusable lists of resources and other text, custom scripts and styles), 15 documents, 16 images and 46 videos. Further funding received from Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital Foundation will enable the captioning of all the videos in English and the 4 top languages for Metro North Cancer Care Services.

How is your service evolving through engagement?

We have a sustainable program with increased opportunity for patients to access reliable information.

“I felt proud to be a part of developing the Cancer Information Hub. I felt informed and involved ….my voice and opinion was appreciated and listened to during the entire process…”  – Anita

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