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ATSI Health Unit: NAIDOC Week

What was the problem?

We wanted to share the Metro North Hospital and Health Service Accurate Indigenous Identification campaign with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community by bringing people together for one big event. 

The Accurate Indigenous Identification campaign is designed to highlight the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients to identify when accessing Metro North Hospital and Health Service.

How did you solve the problem or take advantage of an opportunity?

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Unit decided to run an event to coincide with events run by the National Aboriginals and Islanders Day Observance Committee, known as NAIDOC.

The origins of NAIDOC can be traced to the emergence of Aboriginal groups in the 1920′s which sought to increase awareness in the wider community of the status and treatment of Indigenous Australians.

The theme for the event ‘Our Languages Matters’ and was celebrated through traditional dance and storytelling from the Gubbi Gubbi dance troupe and Keriba Mabaigal Torres Strait Islander Women’s Dance Group.

Who was involved?

Over 35 stallholders took part in the celebration, providing health advice, resources and cultural support to participating local families.

What was the outcome?

The Caboolture Family Fun Day is exactly that – a really fun day for the whole family as the celebrations come to Caboolture! There are lots of cultural activities, traditional dancing and music, as well as lots of fun things for the kids with rides, games, animal farm, face painting, crafts and storytelling. A number of community and support services have stalls and information available. It’s a really positive event and lots of fun. All stallholders said they would be interested in attending the 2018 event.

Around 1000 community members attended the inaugural Caboolture NAIDOC Family Fun Day held on Tuesday 4 July at St Columban’s College in celebration of NAIDOC Week.

60 people were filmed as part of the Accurate Indigenous Identification campaign, encouraging Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander consumers to identify their heritage when accessing Metro North Hospital and Health Service.

How is your service evolving through engagement?

Due to the success of this event the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Unit will run NAIDOC 2018 on July 10. We anticipate a bigger event with more stakeholders and a community forum. To align with increased consumer engagement we are developing a community engagement plan.

“I’m proud to identify as Aboriginal. I received a lot of support as a first-time mum and the hospital were great at helping me settle into motherhood.” – Fiona

“I’m proud to be an Indigenous Australian. Everyone should identify when they go to the hospitals. Don’t be afraid to identify because the support is there and don’t be scared to come forward to the people at the hospital as they can only support you and that’s our job to look after you.”  –  Normie, Health Consumer

“We’ve lost a lot of our history and when we find it I think it’s a proud thing for all of us especially for the stolen children generation and we take hold of what is ours and what is our inheritance and to be proud to take that on so we can pass all that knowledge on to our children and educate them around cultural awareness and the country we come from.”  –  Mick, Caboolture Police Liaison Officer

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