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Opioid Prescribing Toolkit (OPT)

The rapid rise in the rates of opioid prescribing in the United States (US) since 1990s and its associated harm have been described as an epidemic. Opioids were identified as having caused or contributed to 33,000 drug overdose deaths within the US during 2015, with approximately half involving prescription opioids. In addition, a relationship between opioid prescribing and the use of illicit opioids has been reported.

The Opioid Prescribing Toolkit (OPT) was developed to provide information on how to use utilise the tools developed and tested in RBWH projects in other clinical settings across Queensland. OPT combines methods from quality improvement and implementation sciences and includes instruction on pre-implementation planning strategies and evaluation tools. Whilst OPT is based on improving oxycodone prescribing, it can be adapted for all opioid prescribing. The OPT can be used to facilitate the introduction of concepts of an opioid stewardship program in acute hospital setting.

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