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What is Palliative Care?

For patients with a life-limiting diagnosis, without prospect of cure, the role of the Metro North Palliative Care Service is to provide specialist support required to anticipate, prevent or relieve suffering associated with complex physical, psychosocial or spiritual symptoms through impeccable assessment, treatment and care and to enable a dignified and peaceful death in the patient’s location of choice.

Palliative care affirms life and intends neither to hasten or postpone death. Defining palliative care helps us integrate services across our organisation and with our community partners. This enables us to respond promptly, consistently, holistically and locally to the many needs of people living with a symptomatic life-limiting condition.

Palliative care offers:

  • Expert pain and symptom management, with advanced pharmacology knowledge
  • Capacity to discern and respond with compassion to psychosocial and spiritual suffering and to existential distress
  • Support to family and carers and the ability to respond in unstable domestic situations
  • Signposts to bereavement support
  • Multidisciplinary clinical coordination: a focus on the patient’s personal goals and quality of life throughout their disease trajectory and optimising home-based care
  • Responsive end of life care, delivered in the patient’s preferred location
  • A shared approach to ongoing research, education and teaching
  • A recognition that each patient is experiencing loss, uncertainty and adjustment – their life, their roles and their identity have shifted from all that they anticipated.

Our Services

Community Palliative Care

Phone: (07) 3049 5755

TPCH Palliative Care

Inpatient unit and ward-based consult liaison service.

Phone: (07) 3139 4482

Redcliffe Palliative Care

Inpatient unit and ward-based consult liaison service.

Phone: (07) 3883 7050

RBWH Palliative Care

Consult liaison service.

Phone: (07) 3646 3618

Caboolture Palliative Care

Phone: (07) 5316 2412

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