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Contacting the service

Book an appointment with the Brisbane Clinic on (07) 3837 5611.

Book an appointment at the Redcliffe clinic on (07) 3897 6300 or you can call the Brisbane clinic and request an appointment at Redcliffe.

Book an appointment at the Caboolture clinic – call the Brisbane clinic and request an appointment at Caboolture.

Booking an appointment

Depending on what you require in your appointment;

  • you may be transferred to the triage nurse who will organise an appointment after speaking with you
  • we may recommend you follow up with another healthcare provided or GP if we do not offer the service you need
  • we may recommend alternative care options outside of our opening hours if required

Wait times

  • Wait periods may apply for appointments with the Doctors and Nurse Practitioners
  • If you are organising an appointment for HIV care or PrEP and require a script, please contact us as early as possible due to wait times


The Brisbane Sexual Health Service is a free service, and includes the appointment, treatment and testing done. In some very rare cases you may be required to pay for certain medications, though this will be discussed in your appointment.

Do I need a referral?

Our service allows for self-referrals, though a referral from your GP may be required for certain services.

Do I need a Medicare card?

You do not need a Medicare card to access Brisbane Sexual Health.


Most of the appointments we offer are required to be in-person, though under some circumstances decide by Brisbane Sexual Health, we can offer telehealth to our ongoing clients.

Arriving to the appointment

You need to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment time. (see Parking & Transport)

If you arrive late, your appointment may be forfeited and you will be rescheduled another appointment at a later date.

When you arrive to the service, please speak with the admin officers at the front desk to check in.

Please also be aware we may need to collect a urine sample.

During the appointment

You will be asked to provide details on your sexual health history, which can sometimes be uncomfortable or embarrassing.  If you need an interpreter, please let us know.

You may be asked details about: sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual partners, sexual practices, STI symptoms, injecting or other drug use and tattoos and body piercing.

The doctor or nurse may suggest a sexual health examination which you have the right to refuse if you wish or ask for a chaperone to be present.

The genital area, cervix, anus and/or mouth may be examined for signs of STIs.

It is likely that a swab, urine sample and/or blood test will be collected for testing.

End of the appointment

Before your appointment ends, the doctor or nurse will discuss:

  • The treatment (if needed)
  • The follow up (which may include re-testing/screening or another appointment)
  • When and how you will receive your results
  • When to book future appointments (if needed)

Provide education related to your appointment

Transport and parking

Our Brisbane Clinic has a range of transport options. We are a short walk from the Roma Street Train and Bus Station, as well as The Barracks Parking (which offers 2 hours of free parking).

The Redcliffe Community Centre has free parking on site and is a 20 minute walk from the Kippa-Ring Train Station.

The Caboolture clinic has free parking located around the service and is a short walk from the Caboolture Train Station and Caboolture Central Bus Station.


The service can organise a phone interpreter to be present during your appointment, please notify us when booking an appointment that you require an interpreter and for which language.

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