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    Brisbane Sexual Health offers specialist management for people living with HIV. Our appointments are booked well in advance so if you need to change or cancel your appointment, it is important to let us know in advance so that this can be offered to someone else.


    How do I get my medication?2022-09-09T03:59:20+00:00

    Our service has several experienced prescribers who can provide scripts to ongoing clients. Once you have a script you can attend the Pharmacy at the Brisbane clinic or take it to your local pharmacy.

    The Pharmacy is located on Level 3 and open from Monday to Friday 8.00am to 4.00pm and closed Wednesday afternoons from 12.00pm. If you are planning to attend the pharmacy, please contact prior to arriving on (07) 3837 5703.

    Please be aware that scripts are not given on the first appointment with the service.

    What vaccinations should I have?2022-09-09T04:00:02+00:00

    Our service offers a range of vaccinations to people living with HIV. Please be aware that some vaccinations are subsidised through Medicare, while other vaccinations have a cost. The recommended vaccinations for people living with HIV that are offered at our service include: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Human papilloma virus, Influenza Virus and the Pneumococcal vaccination.

    How do I transfer my care to the Brisbane Sexual Health Service?2022-09-09T04:00:39+00:00

    We welcome all new clients to our service. If you have not attended our service before or in a while, please contact us to organise an appointment where we can discuss transferring your care to our service.

    Can I access contraception services?2022-09-09T04:01:18+00:00

    We offer contraception to people living with HIV that access our service. This also includes Cervical Screening. Please contact our service to book an appointment to discuss options.

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