$1m grant to establish centre at TPCH for lung cancer early detection

The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH) and The University of Queensland (UQ)  will lead a new centre dedicated to the early detection of lung cancer following a grant of  $1 million  from the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF).

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation Centre for Lung Cancer Early Detection will be based at TPCH.

Professor Fong Kwun

Professor Fong Kwun accepts the $1million grant for the establishment of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation Centre for Lung Cancer Early Detection to be based at The Prince Charles Hospital. Photo courtesy of ACRF

Professor Kwun Fong, a Thoracic Surgeon at TPCH and Director of UQ’s Thoracic Research Centre, said the Centre would focus on the discovery and development of innovative methods for early stage detection of lung cancer.

“It will be a major boost for lung cancer research that has been long underfunded in Australia,” he said.

Lung cancer remains the biggest cause of cancer deaths in Australia and worldwide and has a very low five-year survival rate in comparison to many other common cancer types. Early detection can therefore significantly improve health and treatment outcomes for patients with lung cancer.

“The Centre will greatly enhance capacity and act as a focal point for engaging consumers and clinicians in lung cancer research, educating clinicians and students, mentoring new and developing researchers and translating research innovations into clinical policy and practice worldwide,” Professor Kwun Fong said.

It will concentrate on three major innovative research streams: innovations in diagnostic imaging using Low Dose Computed Tomography (LDCT) screening and computer aided diagnosis (CAD); investigating unique molecular profiles and biomarkers of lung cancer; and advanced innovations in Bronchoscopy techniques.

Professor Ian Brown, CEO of Australian Cancer Research Foundation, said the grant will greatly boost lung cancer research capability in Australia.

The Centre will have with major collaborations across key Australian and international sites. Due to the clinical focus of the research, the team will be able to translate findings directly into daily clinical practice.

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