$20m grant funds research to eradicate diseases

Researchers from QIMR Berghofer

Prof James McCarthy, pictured with members of his research team Rebecca Farrow, Stavey Llewellyn, Rebecca Pawliw and Sean Lynch, was recently awarded the QIMR Berghofer Bancroft Medal.

RBWH infectious diseases expert Professor James McCarthy and his collaborators – including three research groups from QIMR Berghofer – will receive more than $20 million over the next five years for research into malaria, Group A Streptococcus and parasitic worm infections.

“These insidious diseases infect hundreds of millions of people worldwide each year. Group A Streptococcus is also a major cause of death in Australia’s indigenous communities,” Professor McCarthy said.

“We will use this funding to develop new control strategies to combat and eliminate these diseases, including testing new vaccines and drugs.”

The research will involve collaborators at James Cook University, Menzies School of Health Research, The University of Queensland, and Griffith University.

The NHMRC funding further recognises Prof. McCarthy’s outstanding contribution to medical research. He recently was awarded the coveted QIMR Berghofer Bancroft Medal.

Prof McCarthy’s research leads worldwide engagement to validate drugs and test vaccines, placing us on a critical path to eradicate malaria.

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