The evolving face of pharmacy

Members of the newly accredited two-year pharmacy resident program at RBWH have hit the ground running, including 22-year-old Danielle Silvestro, who relocated from Townsville to take up the opportunity.

New pharmacy residents

New pharmacy residents Danielle, Melanie and Caitlin with Clinical Educators Candice and Gemma at the start of their two year training program.

“I chose to be a pharmacist as it gives me the opportunity to make a difference with in the health care system and has a great balance of theory and patient engagement,” Danielle said.

“Over the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to orientate through the RBWH pharmacy department and meet many motivated pharmacists as well as see a number of areas. I feel I have learnt a lot.

“(In) my first year as a registered pharmacist I am looking forward to the opportunity to cement my base level skills as a pharmacist as well as develop new skills. My ultimate goal is to provide a clinical pharmacy service including clinical reviews, interventions and patient education.”

RBWH Director of Pharmacy, Dr Ian Coombes, said the new residency program, which was accredited by the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA), would help attract high quality trainees to the hospital.

“The structured SHPA residency gives a two-year foundation in generalist clinical knowledge and practice skills and introduces pharmacists to principles of leadership and management, provision of education, building working relationships and how to evaluate services,” he said.

“This is the foundation for the development of specialist and advanced practitioners who work at a higher level with greater impact on medicines management and patient care.”

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