Interim Care service helps hundreds transition out of hospital

Interim care Recreational Officer Mary shares birthday cupcakes with patients Allan and Dorothy.

Hundreds of elderly patients are transitioning out of hospital to more appropriate aged care settings faster thanks to a new Interim Care service in Zillmere.

The service, which has been in operation for just over one year, is a suitable care alternative to hospital, specifically for older patients, to help relieve the increased pressure faced by hospitals over flu season.

The 28-bed service is now helping to navigate more than 380 people to appropriate care in an aged care facility that would otherwise have had to remain in hospital until a residential bed became available.

Project Lead Kate Schultz said Interim Care service patients no longer required continued acute hospital care, but did require an extra level of stabilising care before being discharged to suitable accommodation.

“Overall, 3700 hospital days have been made available to other patients because of Interim Care in the past year,” Kate said.

“By taking these patients and preparing them for transfer to a residential aged care facility we are helping to free up acute hospital beds for those who really need them.

“Overall, 3,700 hospital days have been made available to other patients because of Interim Care in the past year.”

Kate said Interim Care received more than 500 referrals in the past 12 months, with a majority discharged to an aged care service.

“Our service is now discharging or transferring around 40 patients a month and their average stay with us is about 25 days,” she said.

“This service has reduced pressure on the acute sector while providing a pleasant, safe and suitable environment for these frail elderly people as well as the necessary support and resources to properly care for them in that interim period.”

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