Legionella bacteria found at Redcliffe Hospital

Regular water quality testing at Redcliffe Hospital has confirmed a positive test for Legionella pneumophila bacteria in some areas of the hospital water supply.

Most importantly, there has been no known case of legionella among patients or staff and any risk is low.

Following the positive test results, immediate action was taken to remove the bacteria, including isolating affected areas and scalding, flushing and chlorination of the water system.

Additional testing is being carried out throughout the hospital. The hospital is continuing to provide clinical services as normal.

The discovery of the legionella and prompt action by Redcliffe Hospital is a result of the robust procedures of our Water Quality Risk Management Plan.

Metro North Public Health physician Dr Madhumati Chatterji said Legionella bacteria was commonly found in the environment.

However, Dr Chatterji said Legionnaires’ disease itself is uncommon, as only a very small proportion of people who encounter the bacteria will develop the infection.

The bacteria typically spread by way of the inhalation of tiny water droplets suspended in the air. Legionnaires’ disease is not spread from person-to-person.

More information on Legionella can be found on the Legionella Queensland Health website.

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