Research fellowship for one of our brightest young minds

Dr Jonathon Fanning

Dr Jonathon Fanning

One of Metro North’s brightest junior doctors has been awarded a fellowships to undertake ground-breaking medical research.

Dr Jonathon Fanning from TPCH is among five Queensland doctors who will each receive $250,000 as part of the Junior Doctor Research Fellowship program.

His research looks at reducing various neurological and cognitive complications in patients undergoing surgery.  Specifically, it looks at reducing the risk of stroke, dementia and delirium in patients undergoing interventional cardiac surgical procedures such as Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation. This procedure allows aortic valve replacement via catheters from a puncture in the groin.

“The research has helped us understand the reasons for stroke and other complications in particular patients who undergo surgery. With this knowledge we can better inform patients of the risks and are now striving to reduce this risk using novel protective strategies,” Dr Fanning said.

“This funding will enable the expansion of the current research into new areas aimed at further minimising the risk of stroke and other cognitive issues following surgery to improve patient outcomes.

“I am very grateful to both Metro North Hospital and Health Service and The Prince Charles Hospital for the support that has been shown to me.

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