Researcher selected to mentor young doctors

Professor Geoff HillRBWH Research Director Cancer Care, Professor Geoff Hill has been selected as one of four highly experienced Senior Clinical Research Fellows in Queensland Health to mentor young doctors. The research by Professor Hill’s team in cellular therapy across RBWH and QIMR Berghofer has led to potential life-saving changes in clinical practice for the treatment of patients with blood cancers such as leukaemia. The Queensland Government set up a $4.4 million fund to support junior doctors to undertake research under the guidance of their mentor. In the first round of grants, one young doctor will be awarded a two year fellowship of up to $500,000 to undertake specific research under Professor Hill’s guidance. The initiative is designed to encourage the brightest young doctors in the state to see research as a highly respected career pathway and extend the strong culture of medical research in Queensland. The program will be implemented over three years, with the first round of fellowships now open.

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