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Metro North Office of Research

The Metro North Office of Research provides strategic oversight and direction for research in Metro North Hospital and Health Service through operational implementation of the Metro North Research Strategy. The Metro North Office of Research works collaboratively with the Metro North Executive and leadership team, Research Directors, Administrators and Managers across the Health Service, external academic partners and with researchers to support and enable research excellence.

Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC)

Human Research Ethics Office
Block 7, Level 7
Butterfield Street

Phone: (07) 3646 5280

Open: Monday-Friday, 8.00am-4.00pm
Chairperson:  Sarah Winch
HREC Manager: Ann-Maree Gordon

Research Office
Building 14
Rode Road

Phone: (07) 3139 4198 / (07) 3139 4500
Open: Monday-Friday, 8.00am-3.00pm
Chairperson:  Lynn Woodward
HREC Manager: Ann-Maree Gordon

Metro North Research Governance Office

  • Research Governance Manager, Rebekah Steele
    Phone: Monday-Friday (07) 3647 9550
  • Research Governance Officer, Vanessa Constable
    Phone: Monday/Wednesday-Friday (07) 3883 7243 ;  Tuesday (07) 3646 5033
  • Research Governance Officer, Therese Starr
    Phone: Monday-Friday (07) 3646 5033
  • Research Governance Officer, Lisa Bryant
    Phone: Monday/Tuesday (07) 3647 5047; Wednesday-Friday (07) 3139 4407


Metro North Office of Research

Metro North Office of Research
Level 7, Block 7 Butterfield Street HERSTON QLD 4029
Phone: (07) 3647 9631
Open: Monday-Friday, 8.00am-4.00pm

Executive Director
Contact: Prof Dan Chambers

Deputy Director
Contact: Dr Tania Crough

Senior Administration Support Officer
Contact: Madison Hope
Phone: (07) 3647 9631

Research Business Managers

When applying for Site Specific Assessment through the Research Governance process, you will be required to obtain support from the Hospital / Service Line Business Manager on your Research Budget.

Business Manager Research
Phone: 07 3139 3267
Contact: Tracey Palu

(coordinated via) Business Manager Research
(07) 3647 1006
Contact: Emma Raymond

The following service lines have provided Research Business Manager contacts:

(coordinated via) Research Governance Officer
Phone: (07) 3883 7243
Contact: Vanessa Constable

(coordinated via) Damien Leary
Phone: (07) 5316 3926

Michael Elliott – Business Manager, Community and Oral Health
Phone: 07 3049 1462

Steve Riccardi – Business Manager, Mental Health
Phone: 07 3646 1110

Business Manager
Phone: 07 3049 1462
Contact: Michael Elliott

Statistics Unit

The QIMR Statistics Unit conducts collaborative research and provides a statistical consultancy service to all researchers from Metro North Hospital and Health Service employees. They can provide assistance with a range of services such as power and sample size calculation, presentation and interpretation of data and data analysis. Consultation with a statistician is particularly helpful at the beginning of your research project, however are available at any stage.

QIMRB Statistics Unit

Data Custodians

  • The Public Health Act 2005 (PHA) establishes the process for assessing health information held by Queensland Health for approved research projects. Obtaining approval to access confidential information under the PHA will require signatures from the relevant data custodians prior to submission of a PHA application. The Queensland Department of Health maintains a list of data custodians.

Hospital and services

As a part of conducting your research, you will be required to obtain the support of both the affiliated Heads of Department and also the Heads of any Supporting Departments involved in the conduct of your research.

Heads of Supporting Departments includes those departments not directly conducting the research but whom may be involved in conducting tests, for example an oncology study requiring pharmacy to dispense a study drug will require evidence of support from the Head of Cancer Care, as well as the Head of Pharmacy.

Please refer to the Research Group page or the Hospital & services page for the departmental facility contact that would be associated/collaborating with your research project.

If you are unable to find the service your research project is involved in, your research Site Contact should be able to assist in obtaining these contact details.

University Research Contract Offices

Engaging in collaborative research activity with a University will require some form of agreement between Metro North Hospital and Health Service and the University. You are requested to liaise with the relevant University Research Contract Office early in your research ethics and governance submission to determine any legal arrangements that may be required. A list of University Research Contract Offices is provided below.

Research Contracts Officer
t: (02) 9465 9187 & (02) 9739 2621

Research Contracts Officer
t: (07) 4930 9486

Research Contracts Officer
t: (07) 3735 4105

Project Manager Contracts
t: (07) 478 15238

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences

Complete list of all faculties can be found at;

Office of Research Services

N.B: QUT students need to contact their QUT primary supervisor for any assistance regarding agreement.

Research Admin – Office of Research
t: (02) 6626 9361

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