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Metro North REDCap

Metro North Hospital and Health Service (MNHHS) is committed to enhancing sustainable research capacity through the management and provision of infrastructure and resources to support high quality research. REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure web application for building and maintaining online surveys and databases. While REDCap can be used to collect virtually any type of data, it is specifically designed to support online and offline data capture for research studies and operations.

1. Metro North REDCap

REDCap is a web-based software platform that is used by institutions all over the world the manage and capture research data. Metro North Office of Research has installed an instance of REDCap in collaboration with Metro North IT which is hosted on Metro North servers, behind the Queensland Health firewall.

You may already have used REDCap before at another institution, and whilst it would have been the same software it will be a different instance. Each instance is unique, and each institution is responsible for implementing their own governance and data control standards as required by relevant policies and legislation.

2. Requesting user access

Metro North employees and anyone employed by Queensland Health can request user access at any time by completing the User Access Request form and verifying their Queensland Health email address and Employee ID.

If an external user, which includes anyone not employed by Queensland Health, requires access to Metro North REDCap for the purposes of contributing to a project they will require a Metro North employee to act as their Sponsor. To do this, the Metro North employee must already be an approved Metro North REDCap User and will need to complete the User Access Request form. Both the Metro North employee and the external user will be required to verify their email addresses and accept the terms and conditions of use for Metro North REDCap.

3. Accessing Metro North REDCap

Metro North REDCap is a web-based platform, which can be accessed anytime by using the direct web link

A Desktop Icon is provided by Metro North IT, and instructions for download are available through Queensland Health Online IT Support Self Help article REDCap (Metro North HHS) – Installation.

4. Create a New Project (development mode)

MNHHS employees with approved REDCap access may request to create a new project by logging into Metro North REDCap using their credentials provided in Step 2, and select the “+ New Project” tab on the MNHHS REDCap homepage.

Using the ‘Create a new REDCap Project’ form provided, fill in the requisite details for the project type (research, quality improvement, operational, practice/just for fun). To finalise the request, click “Create Project”.

Development mode

  • All projects will be approved in development mode only, the MNHHS REDCap project/database status where a user designs, builds and tests study instruments.
  • The requisite approvals must be sought before requesting to move a project into production mode and commence data collection.
  • No research, quality assurance/improvement or administrative project will be moved into production mode until the requisite approvals are demonstrated.
  • No project or research data is to be collected in development mode.

5. Requesting Project approval (production status)

Production mode is the MNHHS REDCap project/database status where development is complete, the requisite ethical and governance approvals are in place, and the project/database is ready to receive data.

All requests to move a project into production mode will require evidence of the requisite approvals:

  • Research: Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) approval number, and Site specific assessment (SSA) approval letter confirming the MNHHS REDCap project conforms to the approved protocol and requisite regulatory, legislative and institutional policies; or
  • Quality Assurance/Improvement: Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) letter of exemption from ethical review, and/or SQU-PROD Quality Action Plan (QAP) Initiative ID
  • It is the responsibility of the Project Owner and Principal Investigators (PI) to ensure User Rights and Data Access Groups (DAG) are assigned and monitored in accordance with the approved protocol and all relevant data custodianship approvals.
  • Where a research project involves external users, evidence of their status as a designated person for data access and usage must be demonstrated, with either the appropriate ethics (HREC) and governance (SSA) approvals, as listed investigators on the project for which they request access, or other relevant approvals.

A Project Owner may request to move a project into production mode by:

  1. Go to the ‘Project Setup’ tab located on the project home page
  2. Select ‘move project to production’ located at the bottom of the page
  3. Complete the “Project Production Request Form” automatically generated by the MNHHS REDCap System Administrator and provide evidence of requisite approvals.

6. Support

MNHHS REDCap infrastructure is independently maintained and supported by MNIT, and is hosted on local servers under a non-profit end-user license agreement.

The MNHHS REDCap System Administrator is available to provide administrative support for the MNHHS REDCap to facilitate access requests, and is the first point of contact for assistance.

The MNHHS Office of Research, Metro North IT and MNHHS REDCap System Administrator is not able to provide guidance on survey or database design, or advanced functionality of REDCap.

Support is accessible via the REDCap Community Training Resources website, which hosts the REDCap Shared Llibrary and REDCap tutorial videos.

Statistical support for designing research methodology, planning and/or conducting data analysis can be provided by the QIMR Biostatistics Unit, upon request.

MNHHS is committed to ensuring the integrity, privacy and confidentiality of all data is protected, whilst assisting those MNHHS staff and individuals authorised to access REDCap to conduct approved research and quality assurance/improvement activities.

The protection of research data and personal information which may be contained in REDCap databases requires that researchers and authorised users abide by the relevant legislation, regulatory guidelines and institutional policies that govern the collection, management, disclosure and use of research data and personal information.

Metro North REDCap System Administrator


Support: REDCap Videos

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