Obstetric research earns world respect

Dr Alka Kothari

Observing the psychological impact on fathers of the still birth of their baby or termination due to chromosomal or structural abnormalities led Dr Kothari to ask how these “Forgotten Fathers” could be better supported alongside their partners.

That simple question led to a productive research partnership with Dr George Bruxner of Caboolture Hospital in which the findings from interviews with 24 fathers were presented to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists World Congress held in South Africa in 2017. This research identified that while mental health and other support is available to mothers, the lack of care and engagement with the fathers lead to a wide range of coping mechanisms, including destructive anger and substance abuse. These often resulted in social isolation, guilt, shame, and depression with relationship and family breakdown.

At the World Congress, Dr Kothari also presented on a Systematic Review of Post Hysterectomy Ectopic pregnancies. Dr Kothari concluded that there was a need to raise awareness that pregnancy was still possible after a hysterectomy, and for clinicians to be cognisant of this rare but potentially life threatening  condition.

In addition to the two oral presentations, 20 other abstracts, including multiple systematic reviews, co-authored by Dr Kothari and junior doctors and medical students were also accepted. This set a new record for the maximum number of abstracts accepted at the conference, and most of these were published in the prestigious British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

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