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Education and Events

Research Excellence Awards

Our annual Metro North Research Excellence Awards are a chance to recognise and reward outstanding achievements in research across all clinical specialities and professions.

Ethics and Governance Information Clinics

Metro North Research Ethics and Governance Information Clinics are available to provide advice on ethical and governance requirements for research in Metro North.

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) 

The guideline for Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is an international ethical and scientific quality standard for designing, conducting, recording and reporting of  clinical trials that involve human participants.

Clinical research education videos

Short videos of question and answer interviews on introductory topics related to core principles for clinical research.

After watching these videos, please fill out our survey. Your feedback will help us improve the content and how the videos are delivered.

Designing Clinical Research Projects – Professor Patsy Yates

Key To Designing Clinical Research

Video Length: 16min 07sec

Patsy’s Top Tips for Clinical Research

Video Length: 3min 16sec

Planning Biostatistical Analysis – Dr Joel Dulhunty

Planning Statistical
Analysis for Research

Video Length: 15min 24sec

Joel’s Top Tips
on Biostatistics

Video Length: 1min 57sec 

Reaching significant outcomes

Video Length: 3min 51sec

Recommendations for Data Collection

Video Length: 3min

Accessing information from the academic literature – Mr Chris Parker

Searching Academic Literature

Video Length: 7min 42sec

Critical appraisal of research evidence – Professor Joan Webster

Defining Knowledge Gaps

Video Length: 8min

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