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Immunisation Program

The Metro North Public Health Unit coordinates and supports the implementation of the National Immunisation Program for Queensland within the Metro North Hospital and Health Service.  We work with vaccine service providers, including primary health care, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health services, hospitals, correctional facilities and local councils.

Immunisation is considered one of the most important achievements of modern medicine, saving millions of lives every year.  It underpins a healthy community and is a core responsibility of the healthcare sector.  Immunisation remains extremely important and highly effective at preventing serious and life threatening infectious diseases.

  • Provide expert advice to vaccine service providers about the National Immunisation Program.
  • Co-ordinate and implement school based vaccination programs.
  • Provide expert advice regarding vaccine storage and handling.
  • Support and implement funded vaccination programs.
  • Assess and monitor immunisation coverage.
  • Provide education and training to vaccine service providers.
  • Facilitate collation of data for adverse events following immunisation and potential breaches in cold chain management.


Title Author
Health Translations (translated information about health and wellbeing) Victorian Department of Health and Human Services
National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS) Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network
National Immunisation Program, the Department of Health
Online courses for immunisation service providers Queensland Health

Local immunisation

Title Author
Resources for immunisation providers (including MNPHU vaccine management plan template) Brisbane North PHN
Immunisation catch-up worksheet for children <10 years old Metro North PHU


Preparing for the flu season

In this short video Public Health Physician Dr James Smith from Metro North Public Health Unit speaks about the important measures aged care facilities can take to help prepare.

A practical guide to catch up vaccination

Are your children’s vaccinations up to date? This video provides a practical guide to develop a catch-up schedule for a child who is behind with vaccinations.

HRIG Administration

This video provides a practical guide for clinicians on the administration of rabies immunoglobulin as part of post-exposure prophylaxis.

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