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Project Description

Catherine Alexander

Caboolture Hospital Maternity CNC supporting the wellbeing of midwives who support our communities.

Better supporting her colleagues in difficult times drives the success of Catherine Alexander’s research.

The Caboolture Hospital Maternity CNC has had two abstracts accepted at a highly competitive international conference for midwives, as well as a paper published in a prestigious journal within her field of work. Catherine’s research seeks to determine best practice for investigative processes, so that adequate support can be provided to midwives not only in Australia, but internationally.

Catherine said that this research is incredibly important to fill the gap present in literature, as no current studies focus solely on midwives.

“My research addresses the way that we support midwives under investigation, as this varies across Australia and even the world, depending how each place views the process,” Catherine said.

“We need to understand if this process needs to change- should it be less lengthy, do we need more support, this is what the research uncovers,” she said.

Catherine was scheduled to speak on the key themes found in her research at the Bali International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) in June, however due to COVID-19, her presentation at the event is postponed to next year. The conference attracts over 4,000 attendees internationally, where midwives from different countries and cultures connect through the universal language of childbirth.

Catherine is looking forward to sharing her research next year at the ICM and hopes to support the wellbeing of the midwives who support the wellbeing of our communities.

Congratulations and thank you to Catherine for her incredible contribution in this field of research.

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