Renal transplant

It is unlikely that GPs will refer patients for renal transplant. These patients will be already under the care of a renal physician or other specialist and this referral will be made by the specialist.

Living donor

Occasionally, it may be necessary to refer a friend or relative of a patient with end stage renal failure for consideration as a living donor. It is important to note that this referral cannot be to the potential recipient’s renal specialist.

Renal transplant recipient

If a renal transplant recipient has moved area and needs to be referred to a new specialist the following would be important to include in the referral

  • Approximate date of transplant
  • Nature of the condition which led to transplantation
  • Specialist letters (last 3 letters) from renal specialist
  • Any information regarding organ rejection
  • Associated co-morbidities (e.g. Diabetes)
  • Smoking and alcohol history
  • Medication list with allergies or any adverse reactions
  • Investigations
    • FBC, E/LFTs
    • Urine for MSU plus cells, casts and dysmorphic red blood cells
    • Random urine protein/creatinine ratio (albumin/creatinine for diabetics)
    • Calineurin inhibitor trough level (e.g. Tacrolimus & cyclosporine)
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