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SEED funding

The SEED (Support, Explore, Excel, Deliver) Innovation Funding Program is accessible to inspirational and creative staff to find new and improved ways of delivering health services for the benefit of our patients. SEED funding is only available for MNHHS staff.

Now in its sixth year, SEED Innovation Funding continues to build a culture of innovation and excellence from the ground-up.

As a commitment to, and recognition of, the significant contribution SEED has made to driving innovation and staff led improvements, MNHHS in 2016, increased the total funding for SEED to $1.1 Million.

2017 projects

In 2017, a total of 66 SEED innovative proposals were assessed for funding.  Of these, 12 were selected for a total of $1.1 million.

The following SEED projects are trialling innovative ways to deliver quality healthcare.  They were selected on the basis of their potential impact on reducing unnecessary hospital admission or re-admissions, improving discharge and admission practices and delivering quality patient-centred care. Here are the successful proposals:

To develop an abbreviated discharge summary that uses CCPC protocols and drop down data fields with automation. The summary will link to the hospital medication module providing alerts as well as convert patients signs and symptoms into codeable diagnoses, comorbidities, procedures and complications leading to an increase in revenue generation for each deptartment.

This project will assist the clinical team in the treatment and monitoring of acute severe ulcerative colitis with the use of novel point of care assays for optimal inpatient care.

Implement an innovative and pragmatic multidisciplinary model of care that supports clinical teams in the pre-operative management of anaemia to meet excellence in care standards for elective surgical patients at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

Develop a new model of care for the wellbeing of women taking medications from planning a pregnancy through to breastfeeding with a dedicated Maternal Wellbeing Pharmacist.

To enhance and support the safe, timely and cost effective administration of biologic medications to complex inflammatory bowel disease patients through a multidisciplinary team approach.

This novel project seeks to promote safe and appropriate administration of antimicrobials by implementing a procedure to efficiently identify, test and adjust inaccurate antibiotic allergy labels. This service will be offered at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital for inpatient and outpatient referral from health services within Metro North. The protocol will focus primarily on allergy labels to the penicillins but will also review and clarify allergy related to other classes of antibiotics.

This project seeks to develop approximately 20 patient and carer focused educational videos that will build knowledge around medication administration and supportive care. This will ease the transition from acute care to home, empower carers and patients to continue hospital initiated care confidently at home, and help minimise medication errors in the community.

The initiative will implement structured symptom reporting for patients with colorectal cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy.

It harnesses contemporary evidence that doing so extends survival and improves quality of life.  It will also better enable patients and clinicians to make shared decisions about appropriate cancer treatment and supportive care.

This project would provide the capacity to deliver sustained knowledge translation of the STARTT program on a routine basis by the Jacana team to deliver regular sensory stimulation and create an enriched sensory environment.

This initiative will develop an evidence-based, practical training program for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for people with psychosis (CBTp) that can be readily delivered to clinicians and provides sufficient practical training to implement CBTp in clinical work. This initiative will also establish peer-based supervision networks across Metro North Hospital and Health Service to promote continued learning and enhancing the clinical skills of CBTp learnt in training.

The purpose of this project is to implement cough reflex testing to patients with dysphagia who are known or suspected silent aspirators. Cough reflex testing is an assessment performed by a Speech Pathologist to provide information, not otherwise detected on a clinical examination regarding the patient’s laryngeal sensation.

Development of an application (app) that would be available for subspecialty medical physicians (for example, infectious diseases, rheumatologists, haematologists, endocrinologists, neurologists) to:

  1. facilitate more timely notification, acceptance and completion of inpatient referrals;
  2. track the quantity and type of inpatient consultation activity (the latter defined by Medicare item numbers);
  3. facilitate billing of those inpatients who have elected to use private health insurance for the current admission;
  4. ensure patient care is provided at the right time and does not delay patient discharge from inpatient services – this will be aided by the ability to track referrals by the app’s primary function (point 1. above).

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