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SEED funding 2015

SEED innovation funding continues to build a culture of innovation and excellence from the ground-up. They were selected  in 2015 on the basis of their potential impact on reducing unnecessary hospital admission or re-admissions, improving discharge and admission practices and delivering quality patient-centred care.

Unlike LINK funding, the SEED Innovation Fund is only available within Metro North.

Integrate palliative care for patients withdrawing from Renal Replacement Therapies (RRT) to ensure appropriate, timely and holistic care.

Avoid emergency department admissions through working with patients to better understand their perspective on the current model of care and how it could be improved.

Provide a patient-centred service, integrating inpatient and outpatient services; home visits; training and education for clinicians across Queensland, including the establishment of a State-wide PEN (Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition) network.

At the RBWH will develop a registry and data management system on CVADs for patients diagnosed with cancer so that information can be readily shared, early complications detected and services improved. It is planned to expand this project to other clinical specialties.

A partnership between Queensland Ambulance Service and the Prince Charles Hospital to develop a process that accounts for and prioritises factors such as patient acuity, distance/traffic, ambulance and ED/hospital resources and capacity in order to inform ambulance destination. The project will improve the care of emergency patients.

Management of long stay patients in acute and rehab beds commencing at the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital will design and implement a model of proactive management for long-stay patients in acute and rehabilitation beds.

Multidisciplinary pressure injuries service at Caboolture will establish a clinical team of wound nurse, dietician and occupational therapists to better support patients through improved prevention and management of pressure injuries.

Support mobility and functional independence in older patients cared for at Brighton Health Campus to improve functional recovery, prevent delirium and falls in hospitalised older patients.

A nine-month inpatient and outpatient multidisciplinary service to undertake capacity assessments that will provide an alternative, integrated model of care to reduce admissions, occupied bed days, and readmissions.

Provide a peer-to-peer telephone support model for cardiac patients.

Enable accurate measurement of wounds using affordable and efficient photoshop technologies and applications.

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