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SEED funding 2016

In 2016, a total of 51 SEED innovative proposals were assessed by a committee of internal and external members.  Of these, 21 were selected to develop project plans with 12 projects chosen for funding.

The following SEED projects are trialling innovative ways to deliver quality healthcare.  They were selected on the basis of their potential impact on reducing unnecessary hospital admission or re-admissions, improving discharge and admission practices and delivering quality patient-centred care.

The development and integration of a sensory garden into the adolescent mental health inpatient unit at RBWH, to provide opportunities for improved cognitive, social, psychological and emotional wellbeing.

A trial to implement, evaluate and refine an innovative training and mentoring framework for minimally invasive hysterectomy.

This initiative will use validated, objective tools in routine clinical assessment to identify patients who could benefit from intervention with dedicated support/therapeutic services (nursing, palliative care, psychiatry, psychology) and assess the benefits of a multi-disciplinary intervention in terms of improved Quality of Life, medical compliance and clinical outcomes.

This project will implement and trial a screening tool to measure distress in patients with lung cancer and evaluate outcomes for improved practice of care with these patients.

This project will implement and trial a tool for staff to better assess, manage and monitor common symptoms of a patient who is dying.

A dedicated pharmacist will work with the acute pain service, to improve safety, education and administration and use of opioids in this patient group.

This project will develop, pilot and evaluate a multidisciplinary anticoagulant support service to improve therapeutic anticoagulation from inpatient to discharge.

Development of breast cancer screening health promotion resources for women CALD backgrounds and newly arrived women in collaboration with women from these target groups.

This project will develop and trial a new multidisciplinary follow up clinic to review and support patients who have left ICU and are experiencing traumatic stress as a result of their experiences.

A feasibility study to trial and demonstrate the impact of nutritional intervention on surgical outcomes.

Development of a process with GP’s and PHN’s, to increase opportunities for patients with prosthetic aortic valves to be cared for in rural and remote areas with access to clinical service via telehealth. This project will aim to explore a process that can be used by a range of specialties to improve rural and remote health care supported by telehealth.

This project will develop and trial a repository for the collection of information and tissue samples to improve treatment of endocarditis.

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