Other conditions where specialist rheumatology input is sometimes sought:

For established rheumatological conditions requiring referral for ongoing specialist input, please ensure the following information is also included:

  • Where and when diagnosed
  • Rheumatological medication history / intolerances

Copies of past investigations/specialist letters can significantly speed referral processing

Patients will be allocated to the various facilities based on their postcode, the availability of particular services at those facilities and to improve equity of access across the district.

For urgent referrals please contact the Rheumatology team via the switchboard at your preferred above location.

MNHHS public outpatient rheumatology services are intended for those aged 16 or over. It may be appropriate to accept patients from 14 years depending on clinical circumstances.

For patients under 16, please consider a referral to Dr Ben Whitehead or Dr Navid Adib at Lady Cilentro Children’s Hospital.

Patients aged 16-25 in MNHHS can be referred to the Adolescent/Young Adult rheumatology clinic at Mater which meets the specific needs of this group

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