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Basic banner

Basic banner introduction or abstract text

On this page

    The basic banner is designed for pages that benefit from a short introduction or abstract, it builds on the functionally within the default banner and adds a background texture.


    Page settings

    Page Attributes > Template 100% Width
    Feature image None
    Avada Page Options > Page Title Bar > Page Title Bar Hide

    Containers & columns

    • New container at top (flex – not legacy)
    • 1/1 column
    • Column-align: Center
    • Container class: qh-basic-banner


    1. Widget area > Custom banner breadcrumbs
    2. Use Avada Title element (default is H1) or Text Block element and mark text as H1 (either method is suitable)
    3. Add a Text Block element (class of: qh-basic-banner-abstract) for the introduction/abstract text.

    Usage guidelines

     When to use it

    • Standard content pages, that benefit from a short introduction or abstract
    • Standard content pages that have sub-pages

    When not to use it

    • Home pages
    • Landing pages
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