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    A callout is a piece of text from an article that has been taken out and used as a visual aid to help show a reader where important information is located.

    How to use

    Read more about when to use text boxes and callouts in the Australian Government Style Manual.

    • Use an Avada Tagline element
    • Add the class ‘qh-callout’ to the tagline element

    Callout example

    Title of the callout

    Description of the callout. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Leo, ac ipsum consequat, enim consequat viverra ut eu feugiat. Sed vitae scelerisque aliquet mauris malesuada.

    Avada Tagline element class:


    Usage guidelines for callouts

    A callout can contain a title and a message.

    Callouts should be brief and to the point. They should convey the most important information in just a few words. Always place them strategically in a location that makes sense in relation to the surrounding text. Keep in mind callouts should always relate to the surrounding text and provide additional value to the reader.

    Some users don’t notice callouts. Therefore, don’t use a callout for important pieces of information.

     When to use it

    • Call attention to important pieces of information
    • Supplement a point in the main text
    • For quotes and important dates
    • Link to a relevant resource or supply additional important information
    • Summaries
    • Checklists
    • Examples
    • Case studies
    • Definitions

    When not to use it

    • Too many callouts can be overwhelming and actually detract from the user experience, use them sparingly and only when necessary
    • Don’t use callouts for block quotes or figures
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