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Default banner

The default banner features breadcrumbs, a page title and a background colour. This is the default banner for content pages.


Page settings

Page Attributes > Template 100% Width
Feature image None
Avada Page Options > Page Title Bar > Page Title Bar Hide

Containers & columns

  • New container at top (flex – not legacy)
  • 1/1 column
  • Column-align: Center
  • Container class: qh-default-banner


  1. Widget area > Custom banner breadcrumbs
  2. Use Avada Title element (default is H1) or Text Block element and mark text as H1 (either method is suitable)

Usage guidelines

To ensure consistency, the banner displayed on each content page within the same hierarchy level should use the same background patterns or colours as other pages in that level.

 When to use it

Default banners are best suited for content pages.

When not to use it

  • Home pages
  • Landing/category pages
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