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Content background colours

Content backgrounds highlight information within the body of a standard page.

White always remains the default background colour.


Light – grey

Column class:



Column class:


Dark – alternative

Column class:



Column class:


Usage guidelines

 When to use Content backgrounds

  • Use to highlight a text that doesn’t warrant a Callout Box, but might help users find key information
  • Only content full-width
  • Light or Light Grey are preferred

When not to use it

  • Avoid overuse. White should be the default background.
  • Don’t use the same coloured card as the previous column
  • Don’t use on landing pages (use container backgrounds)


Drop-off and pick-up

Caboolture Hospital has several drop-off and pick-up zones. These zones can be found outside the:

  • Emergency Department (access via McKean Street)
  • Main Hospital (access via McKean Street)
  • Outpatient Services building
  • Mental Health Ward 2 building (access via McKean Street)
  • Community and Oral Health Building (access via Bury Street)

These zones are subject to time restrictions.

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