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Research in Metro North

Cutting edge care requires a strong and supported research community to develop new treatments, and tools for early diagnosis and prevention of advanced disease.

Our mission remains to deliver exceptional health outcomes through globally recognised discovery and translation, because the evidence very clearly tells us that a research rich health service environment will ensure that Metro North patients receive high quality, timely and cost-effective care. The Metro North Research Strategy 2023-2027 will ensure we realise this mission.

Our strategy

Our achievements over the last five years reaffirm Metro North’s resolve to forge a future where research is a core function of the health service, as much a part of delivering clinical services as the employment of excellent clinicians and the provision of operating theatres, beds, medicines and clinical support systems.

Find out more about the Research Strategy 2023-2027

Research Snapshot

Last year was an exciting year for research at Metro North Health. The 2023 Research Snapshot Report highlights some of the many hundreds of research
projects undertaken across Metro North’s facilities throughout the year.

View research snapshot and other reports

Research publications

For many it is the excitement of discovery, the ability to help people even outside one’s own clinic or health service through publication, dissemination and
implementation, or the ability for research questions to reframe and address seemingly intractable clinical problems.

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Celebrating Excellence

We will recognise, acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of Metro North researchers across all facilities, streams and services, and facilitate innovative knowledge translation communication strategies that share research excellence with the wider health and medical research community.

View the Research Excellence Awards

Research News

From developing new treatments for rare diseases to improving the quality of life for patients with chronic conditions, our research teams are making a difference
in the lives of patients and their families.

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Metro North Research Office

The Metro North Office of Research provides strategic oversight and direction for research in Metro North Health through operational implementation of the
Metro North Research Strategy.

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