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Ionising Radiation

 The Radiation Protection Series No. 8 (RPS 8) Code of Practice for the Exposure of Humans to Ionizing Radiation for Research Purposes (ARPANSA, 2005) ensures researchers provide radiation exposure information that allows consent to be properly considered by research participants and Human Research Ethics Committees. 

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    Ionising Radiation

    Researchers must prepare a submission that includes the following information regarding radiation exposure: 

    • the reasons why it is necessary to expose research participants to ionising radiation for the purpose of the research 
    • the radiation dose assessment and risk assessment made by a Medical Physicist 
    • a statement confirming that the site at which the examination or procedure will be performed is actively involved in a relevant quality assurance program such as the programs of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists or of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Physicians in Nuclear Medicine 
    • the precautions to be taken to keep radiation exposure to a minimum  
    • the written information to be given to research participants relating to the doses and risks associated with the radiation exposure 
    • for novel uses of radiation, the arrangements for a review of radiation doses actually received and the arrangements for retention of dose records 

    Ionising Radiation Procedures 

    • Radiotherapy 
    • Diagnostic Imaging: X-Rays, CT scans, fluoroscopy, angiography, DEXA scans,  
    • Nuclear Medicine: all nuclear medicine scans including PET, SPECT and MUGA scans  

    Radiation Dose and Risk Assessment Report

    Radiation exposure is site-specific, as different machines may deliver different amounts of radiation. Furthermore, standard of care procedures may also differ between sites. 

    For all studies involving radiation, one of the following is required for each participating site: 

    How do I obtain a Radiation Dose and Risk Assessment Report when Metro North Health is a participating site? 

    If you require a radiation dose and risk assessment report, please contact

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