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Do you have what it takes to be a change champion?

Healthcare systems and services around the world are increasingly complex and changing in nature. Metro North Health is committed to supporting the healthcare workforce innovate, transform and lead improvements across Queensland’s health services over the next 10 years! Since 2018 Metro North Health has committed to working with academic partners to build the capability of Health Service Innovators to embed value-based health care through:  

  • Understanding the funding, organisation, and evaluation of health services Identifying health service problems  
  • Undertaking a thorough analysis of enablers and barriers to sustaining health service improvement  
  • Designing programs for implementation, and  
  • Embedding good evaluation practices that examine health and cost consequences of change.  
  • Embedding value-based health care whilst driving real-time frontline projects.  

In 2023 Metro North Health partnered with Griffith University to co-design and deliver the Leading Health Service Innovation program for middle managers, and emerging change leaders, including clinicians and health service administrators. Depending on your learning goals there are several options for engaging with the Leading Health Services Innovation Program. 

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